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interior photo ATI materials new space at The Vision

Case Study – ATI @ The Vision on Fifteenth

April 26, 2023 | BSRE

Project Overview

ATI (Allegheny Technologies Inc.), a $3B global producer of high performance materials and solutions for the global aerospace and defense markets with roots in the steel industry dating back to the 1700s, recognized the need to modernize its workplace. It formed a search committee dubbed “The Mod Squad,” comprised of members from twelve different departments and various stages of their careers who conducted focus groups and surveys to understand their employees’ wants and needs. That’s when Senior Leadership at ATI engaged Burns Scalo Real Estate (BSRE).

The research revealed that to enhance employee experience and performance, the company needed to focus on new space with ample natural light, quality air, affordable parking and the ability to provide significant indoor and outdoor amenities that best match the needs of its workforce. “When employees worked from home during the pandemic, many affirmed, through firsthand experience, what an acceptable work environment looks and feels like…The days of stuffy, claustrophobic spaces are over,” noted ATI’s Mike McCaig, Chief Procurement Officer and VP, Strategic Sourcing. BSRE guided ATI in search of quality, helping its team understand how much it can benefit from new office space and demonstrating to them – N.O.W. – New Office Wins.


ATI recognized that its largely separate workspace had become functionally obsolete, and was oversized for the company’s post-pandemic hybrid workforce needs. With new demands in the work environment, like the evolving needs of employees, advanced technology, and multiple generations working together, it was time for ATI to take a fresh approach.


BSRE worked alongside ATI to think critically about how its real estate can and should be part of its business strategy, since it is relevant to its bottom line and to its employees. Through collaboration, we were able to reimagine ATI’s office plan and, in doing so, helped reshape the organization’s competitive advantage by decreasing its footprint and upgrading its office space.


ATI has now joined thousands of forward-thinking companies in seeking quality by leveraging their office space, to maximize worker productivity and attract and retain talent. ATI’s new space at The Vision is a significant attractor, drawing employees into the office for daily work, in-person meetings, and collaborative work, encouraging innovation and productivity.

The Vision’s atmosphere will provide the collaborative, forward-focused spirit our employees want and deserve.” – Mary Beth Moore, VP of Human Resources, ATI

Location: 116 15th St, Pittsburgh, PA, Suite 301

Client: ATI (Allegheny Technologies Inc.)

Real Estate Type: Enterprise Resource Center

Size: 18,875 SF

Services: Brokerage, Owner Representation, General Contractor, Property Management

Contractor: Burns Scalo Development, LLC

Architect: NEXT Architecture – Office, AE7 – Building

(Photos from NEXT Architecture)

ATI main entry featuring unique light pieces made from the companys own materials
Cafe area for employees to grab coffee + snacks throughout their work day
ATI 3rd floor balcony with a view of Waterfront Pl and 16th Street Bridge